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Radio Renaissance hosts note the separatist implications of arguing that non-whites must be represented by non-whites. Shouldn't the same go for whites? The podcast also covers the antics of two black ladies—Ellen Edwards and Whitney Davis—as well as the fun that was had at Fun Land, the $2 billion spent by illegals to get here, how much we spend on them once they are here, why Baltimore wants white people to come back, and the declaration of a state of emergency in Yuma, Arizona.

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In this candid interview with Jared Taylor, black radio host Jessie Lee Peterson answers questions about immigration, black "leaders," race differences in IQ, and the chances of building a successful multi-racial society.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey comment on the deep symbolism of the near-destruction of Notre Dame. They also discuss the ominous House hearings on “white nationalism,” race baiting by Congressman Al Green, a true story from MIT that Taylor was convinced was a hoax, self-flagellation at Percy Julian Middle School, the freighted meaning of the word “despite,” and the sickening assault on five-year-old Landen Hoffmann.

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Paul Kersey goes it alone to discuss Ilhan Omar trivializing the 9/11 terror attacks and discusses conservatives' impotent response to the threat of legal immigration. He also discusses Kyle Korver, the white NBA player who says whites should feel responsible—but not guilty—for the actions of their forefathers.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that momentum is gathering for reparations, and Congress could vote on a commission to study it this year. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the adventures of Jorge Rios, why Tennessee is suing the feds, lunacy in Illinois, the trial of Mohamed Noor, “racially affirming” schools, and Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh’s indefinite leave of absence.

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