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Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh at candidate Elizabeth Warren’s libido for reparations—not just for blacks but for same-sex couples and American Indians. The hosts also discuss Donald Trump’s latest hot air on deportations, the Project Veritas Google bombshell, French Facebook’s decision to treat “haters” like terrorists, why you can no longer “own” an NBA team, free speech for trademark holders, and the cruel humiliation of white teachers in North Kansas City.

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Jared Taylor and PK laugh at the beating Joe Biden got for saying that the Senate of 35 years ago was a better place. They also discuss drivers’ licenses for illegals in New York, Medicaid for illegals in California, the reparations circus and its real-world consequences, glimmers of hope on the southern border, and bad news from South Africa.

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Henry Wolff and PK discuss the Black Lives Matter rioting in Memphis after U.S. Marshals killed a 20-year-old. They speculate about why BLM has been on the back burner during the Trump presidency. They cover the whopping $44 million in damages a jury awarded to a family-owned bakery which was defamed as "racist." Finally, they cover the front-page New York Times story pushing for more YouTube censorship.

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The hosts note that knife crime is so bad in Britain that immigrant parents are sending young men back to Africa. They also discuss the latest wave of YouTube censorship, phony charges of “genocide” against Canada, the crisis at the Mexico border, why the word “owner” is racist, the rising lunacy of white liberals, weekend mayhem in Chicago, and proof that it’s not OK to be white in New Zealand.

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