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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that the first batch of harmless victims of “overincarceration” released under President Trump’s new, “First Step” sentencing guidelines include rapists, robbers, burglars, and murderers. Taylor and Kersey also discuss a City Journal article on why the jails should stay full, a new study on police shootings, what became of President Trump’s much-ballyhooed ICE raids, whites fighting back in court, and exotic housing choices at the University of Nevada.

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Jared Taylor and PK take a good look at Congress’s “Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments.” Congress shows how quickly it can act: It slapped the President in the face just one day after his tweets. Taylor and PK also discuss “ICE heroes,” Central Americans reverting to type, Area 51, the deportation raids that didn’t happen, rules changes on asylum, and how Werner von Braun become a non-person.

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Jared Taylor and PK discuss proposed legislation that would rescind 20 medals of honor awarded to Americans who killed the wrong kind of people. They also talk about Kamala Harris’s new giveaway, insanity in Vermont, insanity in Arizona, insanity in law school, AfroFuture Fest, why “the new Atlanta” is “racist,” #ADOS, “infiltrators,” and how Florida’s felons got the vote.

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Jared Taylor and PK admit they didn’t anticipate something that happens when you let people beat the fare: The subway becomes skid row. Taylor and PK also discuss Nike’s snub to Betsy Ross, Cory Booker’s open-borders plan, California legislation to let illegals play Democrat politics, new data on illegals, Africans marching through Central America, Charlottesville’s new paid holiday, and unexpected lows in journalism.

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