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Jared Taylor interviews Frodi Midjord about two exciting conferences he is planning for the fall.

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Jared Taylor and PK celebrate the ground-breaking after the Supreme Court approved use of DoD funds to build President Trump’s wall. Taylor and PK also discuss reinstatement of the federal death penalty, the SAT’s new “adversity score,” rubbing out white men, what NYC’s School Diversity Committee wants, rapists on the loose, what you can’t say in Canada, and the heart-warming story of Carlos, Mary, and Janet Murguia.

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Jared Taylor and PK go over the details of the Eric Garner case to explain why Daniel Pantaleo should not have been fired. They also discuss a promising change to “disparate impact” doctrine, idiocy in Illinois, ADL hysteria, dueling DAs in Philadelphia, the "1619 Project," how to stalk your teenage boy, the rising tide of Africans, and the great replacement county by county. 

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the people who should know better who tell us ‘Mike-Mike’ was “murdered.” They also discuss Joe Biden’s campaign-trail antics, how ankle monitors work, goofy Richard Gere, goofy Pope Francis, the goofy NFL, Kamala Harris’s plan to take your guns, and the latest attack on an ICE facility.

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Jared Taylor, PK, and guest Colin Flaherty marvel at a new movie—in theaters September 27—about rich liberals who get back at the "ratfucker-in-chief" by killing his supporters. Your hosts also discuss reactions to El Paso (including Mexico's threat to sue us for not protecting its citizens), "red flag" laws, and more-than-usually contemptible behavior by the New York Times and Baltimore Sun

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Jared Taylor and PK explain why the “art of the deal” that made Guatemala a “safe third country” is so important. They also discuss the continuing fallout from the President’s Baltimore remarks, abysmal ignorance about mass shootings, “kill all white people,” Devonta Allen’s urban renewal program, the horrors of diversity in Britain, and the latest Global Slavery Index report.

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