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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey pity Amanda Marcotte, who seems to believe that when someone wishes her “merry Christmas” he really means “f**k you.’ They also discuss the “Countdown to Christmas,” ICE Air, the hideous whiteness of the earth sciences, Michael Moore’s lunacy, a “victim of gun violence,” the adventures of Ibraheem Samirah, and bigotry in black and white.

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Jared Taylor and PK mourn the fall of a Chinese woman who so loved the United States that she ran a $3 million business to turn Chinese babies into American citizens. They also discuss Democrat loutishness, physicist foolishness, NHL cowardice, Chinese spying, African and Brazilian asylum seekers, and what happens when Muslims meet Bloods.

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Jared Taylor and PK take a look at what Massachusetts’ first black congresswoman is pushing. They also discuss the cost of educating illegals, Susan Wojcicki’s campaign against the “controversial” and the “questionable,” the fun legislators of color have in New York, the problems they have in Pennsylvania, Muslim Community Patrols in Brooklyn, homicide in Cleveland, Hesperia’s woes, and the deep wisdom of the Japanese.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the rise of Mohammed, barely in the top 100 names in 2013 but now in the top ten. They also discuss Margell McClendon’s math troubles, Michael Bloomberg’s insult to Americans, how blacks can cash in on marijuana, the Pan-African crosswalk, Angela Merkel’s idiocy, and Danish confirmation of the obvious.

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