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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss a study of the rise in murders since the George Floyd riots. Sharp cuts in stop-and-frisk have meant more murders — up by a record 380 percent in Portland, the city that never sleeps. Some officers wonder if they should just walk off the job and “let the city burn.” Taylor also discusses good news from Nevada and from Trader Joe’s, John Muir’s legacy, Fr. Maloney’s sin, and what’s wrong with (Once) Great Britain.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance notes that if Seattle — as proposed — defunds the police and fires hundreds of officers, layoffs will start with recently hired minorities. Solution? Fire whites only. Taylor also discusses idiocy in Portland, lousy marksmanship in Chicago, “racism” where you least expect it, and why there must be no more “blind auditions” at orchestras.

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Jared Taylor marvels at the fashion for Fortune 500 "Chief Diversity Officers," who enjoy a median total compensation of $600,000. And yet, Taylor notes, the entire country is so busy "canceling" white people that these positions hardly seem necessary.

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Jared Taylor concludes that “invisible work” is the special benefits blacks confer simply by being black – but it’s hard labor and deserves pay. Taylor also discusses happy cases of comeuppance, sad tales of treachery, increasing black violence, a recently discovered new form of slavery, and why the slogan “Work Hard, Be Nice” has got to go.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance on what a difference a backbone makes. He also talks about Mt. Rushmore, Lincoln, Kit Carson, Paul Krugman, Karen Attiah, double standards in Black and white, and why the New York Times needs a new name.

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