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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance again interviews Atlanta lawyer Sam Dickson. They discuss the both encouraging and discouraging results of the annual Gallup poll of the men and women Americans admire. Mr. Dickson then fills the hour with brilliant insights on the myriad ways in which "liberalism" has turned its back on its traditional values.

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Jared Taylor interviews long-time friend of American Renaissance Sam Dickson, who argues that white Americans are acquiring "herd immunity" against media propaganda. In a wide-ranging conversation, Dickson lays bare the corruption and venality of a system to which he says we no longer owe the slightest loyalty.

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Jared Taylor notes that with so much money in the bank, BLM now rivals the Ford Foundation ($12.5 billion). Where will all that money go? He also discusses Akon City with its currency called Akoin, “handgames to uplift joy and resiliency,” how a black nurse became "what heroes look like,” the incomparable Kizzmekia Corbett, and why the RAF had to cough up the truth about race.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that it took 60 security guards to control the admiring crowds at the burial for the man who decapitated French school teacher Samuel Paty. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Charles Blow, George Gascon, Cornell University, birth tourism, and why so many Mexican Covid cases are crossing the border into El Paso.

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Paul Kersey shocks Jared Taylor with the news that St. Louis, Missouri has had more murders than deaths from Covid. Taylor and Kersey also discuss “McNamara’s Morons,” the Abundant Birth Project, Target targeting blacks, NASDAQ on the rampage, where car jackings are up 500 percent, and why Diane Feinstein and Sir Thomas Picton have both got to go.

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