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Jared Taylor and his co-host have discovered how Joe Biden will “root out systemic racism.” They also discuss Lloyd Austin, Steven Cohen, racism in Union City, how poverty let fly 24,000 bullets in Minneapolis in 2020, air quality in Bangladesh, and the tragic deaths of “Tater” Barksdale and “Tori” Smith.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh at the new Biden/Harris appointees who are promising to heal the planet by fighting racism. Taylor and his co-host also discuss the white supremacist army that wasn’t, the anarchist riots that were, Amanda Gorman, “multiracial whiteness,” and Mr. Biden’s first full day in office.

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Jared Taylor interviews Utsav Sanduja, who was the first person hired at Gab. He talks about the fight against the censors, trying to get Trump to move from Twitter, and how a race-realist Indian-Canadian hopes to help the white race.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel at what the DOJ calls an "unprecedented" effort to catch and throw the book at anyone who was at the Capitol. They also discuss Biden's DOJ picks, vaccines for Eskimos, Ben and Jerry, AirBnb, and the latest fake Latina.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance laments the MAGA takeover of the Capitol and Republican losses in the Senate. Taylor and his co-host also discuss the late great city of Hartford, #DisruptTexts, the gutless Grammys, "Biden, Biden," and the Brown New Deal.

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