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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss the verdicts in the Arbury, Rittenhouse, and Charlottesville cases. They also talk about Waukesha, Azziza Graves, air pollution in DC, GoKAR, and the death of Young Dolph.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel that in America, when a white man shoots aggressive white rioters in self-defense, he is a white supremacist and they are heroes. The hosts also discuss Michelle Wu, Malikk Austen, racial terror at a Facebook job site, and why we must break our “habits of white language.”

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Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel at the giant State Street financial group, which will punish managers who don’t hire enough BIPOCs. Possible legal challenge? The hosts also discuss Ibram Kendi, Cortez Rice, and the loving kindness of Wajahat Ali.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host tell the story of yet another white woman who turned her back on white privilege to profit from being marginalized. They also discuss Virginia politics, opinions on violence, driving while black, being Lady Macbeth while black, and how to save the “tomahawk chop.”

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"Left, Right and White" returns with special co-host Jared Taylor to discuss the late Guillaume Faye, "Archeofuturism," and the idea of a true European Union. 

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