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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at big-city lawsuits against Kia and Hyundai because their cars are too easy to steal. The hosts also discuss ADL idiocy, David Oh, Patriot Front, and the untimely death of Naima Liggon.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the astonishing career of Hussein Mohamed Farrah Aidid, US citizen. They also discuss now-routine insults and contempt for whites in London, Seattle, the New York Times, and the California community college system.

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Tristan Mordrelle recounts to Jared Taylor the extraordinary saga of the failed presidential candidate who campaigned on reversing The Great Replacement. Mr. Zemmour has not spoken his last word. His Reconquest Party remains the largest in France and is flexing its muscles for the upcoming elections.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey wonder how much tension the country can take. They also discuss the AmRen conference, Mohegan millionaires, Navy spies, and what causes — and what could stop — black violence.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey sympathize with Javonnta Murphy, who washed up on Malibu beach, dead in a barrel. They also discuss “Kill the Boer,” brave Tou Thao, illegals in college, and a boycott of Florida the state won’t mind.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey talk about white people who think they can get slant eyes by watching videos. The hosts also discuss Columbia Law School, what whites think of racism, the “life of crime” in Atlanta, and why California is losing people.

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