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Jared Taylor and PK laugh at words like Hxrstory, Cisheteropatriarchy, and Nepantlas that fanatics wanted to include in California’s high school ethnic-studies curriculum. Taylor and PK also discuss "get woke, go broke," the declining "migrant acceptance index," Microsoft’s brush with the law, and why hedge funds are so shamelessly undiverse.

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Jared Taylor and PK discuss the newly released murder statistics for 2019: Blacks are 13 percent of the population but 56 percent of known murderers. Mass shootings are up 45 percent this year, and the reasons lefties give for why make Taylor and PK laugh. They also discuss Christian Dunbar, Sir Maejor Page, Piedmont School District, and hate crimes at Ohio State.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the Biden immigration plan that could bring in 52 million people — a small step towards the one billion Americans some Dems want. Taylor and PK also discuss Tyron Woodley, how Bloomberg buys votes, billions for blacks, BLM ignoramuses, and white ladies who want to be black.

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Jared Taylor and PK roll their eyes at a help-wanted ad that was rejected because a hair salon wanted to hire a “happy” hairdresser. They also discuss Naomi Osaka, Breonna Taylor, Covid in children, creepy Joe Biden, how English rationalizes the sin of “extraction,” and why a museum can no longer display shrunken heads.

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Jared Taylor explains to a skeptical co-host why Jessica Krug, who pretended to be black, deserves our praise. The hosts also discuss building Wakanda, new standards for Oscars, race war a-brewing, and the NFL.

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Jared Taylor celebrates the 200th episode of Radio Renaissance by interviewing Gregory Hood, staff writer for American Renaissance and one of the most impassioned, incisive, and erudite writers of our time. Don’t miss the wide-ranging conversation that ranges from the Beltway to the Taiwan Strait, from Critical Race Theory to the French Revolution.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at our national broadcaster's support for an author who promotes looting because it "attacks the history of whiteness and white supremacy." Taylor and PK also discuss the Portland killing, mob violence and cultural revolution in DC, new laws in New Jersey and California, and they warn listeners: watch out for a guy in a green and blue shirt.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and his co-host analyze the deadly Tuesday-night shootings in Kenosha and predict more and worse incidents to come. They also discuss BLM's wake-up call for white people, Sabrina Belcher's creative campaigning, lunatic crime policies in Chicago, and the stars of the Republican National Convention.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host are delighted to learn that the Siamese Twins Galaxy and the Eskimo Nebula will get new, BLM-sensitive names. The hosts also discuss the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, Laura Loomer’s victory, Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, BLM in 90-percent-white Boise, the Tunisian invasion of Italy, and what happened to Aaliyah Norris.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss what Kamala Harris means for us. They also cover Sunday’s back-to-school frolic in Chicago, Facebook’s prodigies of censorship, curing birds of racism, why 2+2=4 is white supremacy, and what Kum-Kum Bhavnani thinks of  the SAT.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and his co-host report that Illinois blacks want history courses banned until an anti-racist curriculum is developed. Also on the podcast: Oprah’s wisdom, why Beethoven was not a genius, unsolicited Bing searches, and “queer” advice for Joe Biden.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss a study of the rise in murders since the George Floyd riots. Sharp cuts in stop-and-frisk have meant more murders — up by a record 380 percent in Portland, the city that never sleeps. Some officers wonder if they should just walk off the job and “let the city burn.” Taylor also discusses good news from Nevada and from Trader Joe’s, John Muir’s legacy, Fr. Maloney’s sin, and what’s wrong with (Once) Great Britain.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance notes that if Seattle — as proposed — defunds the police and fires hundreds of officers, layoffs will start with recently hired minorities. Solution? Fire whites only. Taylor also discusses idiocy in Portland, lousy marksmanship in Chicago, “racism” where you least expect it, and why there must be no more “blind auditions” at orchestras.

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Jared Taylor marvels at the fashion for Fortune 500 "Chief Diversity Officers," who enjoy a median total compensation of $600,000. And yet, Taylor notes, the entire country is so busy "canceling" white people that these positions hardly seem necessary.

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Jared Taylor concludes that “invisible work” is the special benefits blacks confer simply by being black – but it’s hard labor and deserves pay. Taylor also discusses happy cases of comeuppance, sad tales of treachery, increasing black violence, a recently discovered new form of slavery, and why the slogan “Work Hard, Be Nice” has got to go.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance on what a difference a backbone makes. He also talks about Mt. Rushmore, Lincoln, Kit Carson, Paul Krugman, Karen Attiah, double standards in Black and white, and why the New York Times needs a new name.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey shake their heads over a 27-year-old black man who will not cooperate with the police even to find the killer of his own 3-year-old son. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the crime wave hitting American cities, statues coming down all around the world, and other consequences of the George Floyd riots.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze the Supreme Court ruling that sent the minority leader into a state of ecstasy. They also discuss the continuing reverberations of the death of George Floyd.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey discuss the momentous implications of the most important week for American race relations in the past half century.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the causes and consequences of the greatest wave of civil disturbances since the 1960s.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss at some length the riots, looting, and arson that followed the death of a black man in police custody. They also talk about the specialized crime wave in New York City, Memorial Day in Chicago, SBA racism, street drag racing in Atlanta, and the Times Memorial Day attack on the US military.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey report on Larry Sanger’s regrets that the site he founded has abandoned neutrality. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the Covid handout sweepstakes, the homeless in San Fran, the Katie Hill legacy, Prof. Elizabeth Bartholet, the remarkable Kenya Alexander, what happened to Rosalie Cook, and the call to prayer in Amsterdam.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the number of Americans who think “hate speech is an act of violence:” 75 percent of blacks, 72 percent of whites, and 46 percent of whites. They also discuss the Arbery killing, armed patrols, social distancing arrests, Black Mama Bailout, and the sad story of Jean Dussine.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the new “belonging” campaign at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, Joe Biden’s outreach campaigns, crime in Philly and NYC, Muhammad Masood, “Lady Al-Qaeda,” the Harvey Milk Club, Twitter’s motherly reminders, who got a Pulitzer, and good news from Denmark.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey applaud as New York City cuts fire, police, sanitation, and education in order to beef up more important city services. They also discuss Brittney Cooper, Marcia Fudge, Kori Muhammad, Kamlesh Khunti, why homeschooling has got to go, #LibDemIftar, and who’s got the “awesomeness factor.”

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey look at the latest Trump plan that appears to be DOA. They also discuss Kizzmekia Corbett, Rocky Music, Al Sharpton, Heather Mac Donald, hot times in France, strange times in Lesotho, and which black woman should be Joe Biden’s pick for VP.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the continuing antics of the coronavirus, as it highlights the exciting diversity of our nation and the world. They also discuss shoes to die for, Chauncy Devega, Jeff Sessions, and Denmark’s cozy new government department. Jared Taylor refuses to reveal the identity of the podcast’s mystery guest.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the fashion in fretting over black victims of the coronavirus – even though whites appear to be suffering more than Asians or Hispanics. Taylor and Kersey also discuss plans for illegals to get bailout lolly, the heartbreaking story of Dr. Beth Potter, how New Zealand is crushing the virus and Ivory Coast isn’t, why blacks better not wear gloves in public, Swedish silliness, and why the Border Patrol now has only 100 people (!) in custody.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey celebrate the ruling class’s late-in-life understanding of nationalism. They also discuss Seattle police priorities, coronavirus nose-counting in Maryland, Mexicans who want to keep us out, who might riot in France, why illegals do or don’t deserve a check, the wisdom of Judge Lina, where the Gucci stores are boarded up, and why Tedros Adhanom is feeling unloved.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at Gov. Cuomo's candid explanation for why his state has half the country's COVID-19 cases. They also discuss "coughing while Asian," how Iran got the virus, protecting Brazil's slums, bad luck for Michael McCauley, and what is tucked into that $2 trillion bailout bill.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that jailbirds are being released all over the country for fear they might catch the virus in the pen. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Europe's sudden ability to close borders, how Pittsburgh will cure racism, bad marksmanship in Baltimore, and the Hindu cure for the Chinese virus.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey goggle at the foolishness that makes it into mainstream newspapers. They also discuss how (not) to talk about the coronavirus, CALEXIT, ICEcapades, wise Greeks and idiot Germans, treachery in Virginia, and whether they will ever again have to talk about Elizabeth Warren.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey report on Greece’s firm response to the huge wave of “migrants” Turkey just sent across the border. Taylor and Kersey also discuss stiff backbones in Hungary and Norway, rubber backbones in Virginia and Minnesota, the latest hate hoax, and just how many illegals there are in the country.

Thumbnail: (Credit Image: © Dha/Abaca via ZUMA Press)

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey introduce the new DOJ section that will strip people of citizenship if they lied to get it. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Maxine Waters, the heroic Heather Mac Donald, the dilemma of DNA testing, what Hispanics think about guns, and Deontay Wilder’s hilarious excuse for losing the heavyweight title to a white guy.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey admire the self-possession of Chares Barry, who says of his 139th arrest, “Bail reform; it’s lit!” Taylor and Kersey also discuss who was banned by the Trump travel ban, Stacey Abrams for veep, how to get to the roots of racism, how to study Classics without Homer, and who went from war-torn Syria to war-torn Baltimore.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain how a model lost her shot at a Cosmopolitan cover because white lives matter. They also discuss Bernie, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, di Blasio, police antics in Philadelphia and Minneapolis, sanctuary cities, “white supremacist” propaganda, and the Baltimore Cease Fire. They also welcome Jussie Smollett back into the news.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain why Mayor Pete is so hopelessly wrong. They also discuss cannabis reparations gone wrong, Montana gone wrong, architecture gone wrong, BAFTA gone wrong, white literature in black face, and what “shuhada" get when they go to '"jannah."

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Jared Taylor and PK note that Goldman Sachs will not take a company public if it has only white men on its board. California already requires women on boards, and a “diversity” bill has cleared the House in Washington. Taylor and PK also discuss the crime boom in New York City, denaming Boalt Hall, whether racism is worse than the coronavirus, how to get blacks to vote Trump, and the continuing adventures of Richard Carranza.

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Jared Taylor and PK look into the theories of Donald Moss, PhD, who will give a talk, “On Having Whiteness,” on Feb. 7 in New York City. Taylor and PK also discuss Joel Davis’s sad end, murder in Mexico, insanity in Iowa, Bloomberg baloney, Ugandan Indians, feckless Puerto Ricans, Broadway madness, and the editorial writer who thinks white people at gun rallies are domestic terrorists.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at New York City “justice”  police released a four-time bank robber who robbed another bank the very next day. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the horrible fate of Maria Fuertes, sanity from a famous author, the latest on AOC and Letitia James, fun times at the New Life Impact Church, U visas, and CNN’s non-definition of racism.

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Jared Taylor and PK introduce Michael Coard who says, “White men, generally, historically and presently speaking, have been toxic.” Taylor and PK also discuss anchor babies, refugees, crime in Atlanta and New York, why the NFL is “embarrassing,” foolishness from Mayors De Blasio and Bloomberg, sex grooming in Britain, wisdom in Oklahoma, and the astonishing number of people gone missing in Mexico.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and PK lament a misunderstanding among Hmong that left four dead and 12 wounded in Fresno. They also discuss why “Happy new year” is as bad as “merry Christmas,” how Ezra Klein stupidly celebrated the new year, a sensible black man’s view of white privilege, and teachers too white, romance too white, marijuana too white, and Badgers too white.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey pity Amanda Marcotte, who seems to believe that when someone wishes her “merry Christmas” he really means “f**k you.’ They also discuss the “Countdown to Christmas,” ICE Air, the hideous whiteness of the earth sciences, Michael Moore’s lunacy, a “victim of gun violence,” the adventures of Ibraheem Samirah, and bigotry in black and white.

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Jared Taylor and PK mourn the fall of a Chinese woman who so loved the United States that she ran a $3 million business to turn Chinese babies into American citizens. They also discuss Democrat loutishness, physicist foolishness, NHL cowardice, Chinese spying, African and Brazilian asylum seekers, and what happens when Muslims meet Bloods.

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Jared Taylor and PK take a look at what Massachusetts’ first black congresswoman is pushing. They also discuss the cost of educating illegals, Susan Wojcicki’s campaign against the “controversial” and the “questionable,” the fun legislators of color have in New York, the problems they have in Pennsylvania, Muslim Community Patrols in Brooklyn, homicide in Cleveland, Hesperia’s woes, and the deep wisdom of the Japanese.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the rise of Mohammed, barely in the top 100 names in 2013 but now in the top ten. They also discuss Margell McClendon’s math troubles, Michael Bloomberg’s insult to Americans, how blacks can cash in on marijuana, the Pan-African crosswalk, Angela Merkel’s idiocy, and Danish confirmation of the obvious.

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Jared Taylor and PK note that the reintroduced Zim dollar is doing much better than the 80 billion percent annual inflation rate of November 2008. They also discuss why blacks think Pete Buttigieg is a "lying MF," the problem of fake peer reviewing, Chicago politics, who's worried about anti-Trump violence, good news from Hungary, and a whole host of fun facts about Islam.

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On November 25, National Public Radio broadcast a few words from a November 22 interview with Jared Taylor about leaked email showing that White House advisor Stephen Miller had been reading dissident websites such as American Renaissance. This is the complete conversation.

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Jared Taylor and PK note the price Asians are paying for promoting meritocracy rather than race preferences. Taylor and PK also discuss hate hoaxes on and off the football field, how to honor Sacajawea, Starbucks’ bum problem, Elizabeth Warren’s war on “hate,” Catherine Pugh’s sticky end, Kamala Harris’ “donkey in the room,” startling good sense from Sweden, and how London fights the “bagging” problem.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the news that 800 children are known to have been recycled across the border – one as many as eight times. They also discuss the 2019 “Glamour” magazine awards, how Harvard exploits blacks, NYT gloating over the great replacement, the latest Finnish hate hoax, San Francisco’s fully pedigreed new DA, racism on the rise in Italy, and how the poppy brought down Don Cherry. 

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey get a good laugh over what really happened at Western CT State U. They also discuss how Kansas City lost its MLK Street, Congolese in Missoula, Bob’s Burgers & Teriyaki, the prophet Mohammed’s “British values,” mother-daughter felons in Prince George’s County, and the newly declared health emergency in Madison, Wisconsin.

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If white children can’t wear sombreros, Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey want to know whether black girls can dress up as Snow White. They also discuss ominous poll findings about free speech, why grammar is white supremacy, “cancellation of removal,” foreign languages spoken at home, why people listen to classical music, battles over monuments, and how much you property value declines when there is a murder on the block.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey recount the sad story of Mexico’s latest capitulation to the real government of Sinaloa State. They also discuss the sudden rise in Mexican asylum-seekers, the adventures of Wilber Martinez-Guzman, why “extremism” is so popular on YouTube, why the “nicest place to live in America” may not be for long, and the best liquor stores to rob in North America.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey applaud the BBC for its exposé of “pleasure marriages” despite complaints that it was an insult to Islam. They also discuss Twitter’s new censorship rules for politicians, whether Brittany Cooper is right about Donald Trump, the fracas at Georgia Southern University, black family values in Dayton, the tightening vice on Columbus Day, who’s on welfare, and a great article on America’s decline by Victor Hanson.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at the latest lefty fantasy: cure all root causes of crime and then abolish prisons. But won’t they want to keep them as reeducation camps for “racists”? Taylor and Kersey also discuss the “biased” GRE, Rihanna’s revelations, “racist” math, Chinese polluters, King County follies, election promises in Mexico, and how the tomahawk chop got the ax.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Judge Allison Burroughs’ incoherent decision. They also discuss “Rumors of War,” “Angels Unawares,” yet more ICEcapades, the latest interracial crime stats, Sarah Jeong, Lori Lightfoot, Afghans in Greece, and what happens when you try a hunger strike in Japan.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain why the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists joined the boot-lickers. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the right to be forgotten, the latest casualty in the sneaker wars, what Sherikia Hawkins, Ibram X. Kendi and Steven Muhammad are up to, how to get blacks to study physics, and what happened when UNC Charlotte tried to whoop up “white privilege.”

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze the latest House Judiciary Committee talks on whether to confiscate firearms from known gang members and ”white nationalists.” They also discuss the best countries in which to lose your wallet, ICEcapades, good sense from Eric Holder, rogue judges in Massachusetts, Asian intelligence, bashing Bernie Sanders, and Africans who want to kill whites.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey salute East European leaders who say no to replacement migration and are working to boost native fertility. Taylor and Kersey also discuss mounting insanity in Canada, people who think it should be illegal to join the NRA, the latest on the border wall, how many black women support Trump, and the latest victims of “diversity and inclusion.”

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Jared Taylor and PK comment on YouTube’s report that it banned 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels in just three months. Wouldn’t stockholders prefer that the company fire its army of censors and let a hundred flowers bloom? Taylor and PK also discuss Ben & Jerry’s new flavor, Jussie Smollett’s latest adventures, Beta-male O’Rourke, Italy’s new government, the fraying rainbow in South Africa, and San Francisco’s eye-opening plans to stop terrorism.

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Jared Taylor interviews Frodi Midjord about two exciting conferences he is planning for the fall.

Register here:

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Jared Taylor and PK celebrate the ground-breaking after the Supreme Court approved use of DoD funds to build President Trump’s wall. Taylor and PK also discuss reinstatement of the federal death penalty, the SAT’s new “adversity score,” rubbing out white men, what NYC’s School Diversity Committee wants, rapists on the loose, what you can’t say in Canada, and the heart-warming story of Carlos, Mary, and Janet Murguia.

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Jared Taylor and PK go over the details of the Eric Garner case to explain why Daniel Pantaleo should not have been fired. They also discuss a promising change to “disparate impact” doctrine, idiocy in Illinois, ADL hysteria, dueling DAs in Philadelphia, the "1619 Project," how to stalk your teenage boy, the rising tide of Africans, and the great replacement county by county. 

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the people who should know better who tell us ‘Mike-Mike’ was “murdered.” They also discuss Joe Biden’s campaign-trail antics, how ankle monitors work, goofy Richard Gere, goofy Pope Francis, the goofy NFL, Kamala Harris’s plan to take your guns, and the latest attack on an ICE facility.

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Jared Taylor, PK, and guest Colin Flaherty marvel at a new movie—in theaters September 27—about rich liberals who get back at the "ratfucker-in-chief" by killing his supporters. Your hosts also discuss reactions to El Paso (including Mexico's threat to sue us for not protecting its citizens), "red flag" laws, and more-than-usually contemptible behavior by the New York Times and Baltimore Sun

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Jared Taylor and PK explain why the “art of the deal” that made Guatemala a “safe third country” is so important. They also discuss the continuing fallout from the President’s Baltimore remarks, abysmal ignorance about mass shootings, “kill all white people,” Devonta Allen’s urban renewal program, the horrors of diversity in Britain, and the latest Global Slavery Index report.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that the first batch of harmless victims of “overincarceration” released under President Trump’s new, “First Step” sentencing guidelines include rapists, robbers, burglars, and murderers. Taylor and Kersey also discuss a City Journal article on why the jails should stay full, a new study on police shootings, what became of President Trump’s much-ballyhooed ICE raids, whites fighting back in court, and exotic housing choices at the University of Nevada.

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Jared Taylor and PK take a good look at Congress’s “Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments.” Congress shows how quickly it can act: It slapped the President in the face just one day after his tweets. Taylor and PK also discuss “ICE heroes,” Central Americans reverting to type, Area 51, the deportation raids that didn’t happen, rules changes on asylum, and how Werner von Braun become a non-person.

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Jared Taylor and PK discuss proposed legislation that would rescind 20 medals of honor awarded to Americans who killed the wrong kind of people. They also talk about Kamala Harris’s new giveaway, insanity in Vermont, insanity in Arizona, insanity in law school, AfroFuture Fest, why “the new Atlanta” is “racist,” #ADOS, “infiltrators,” and how Florida’s felons got the vote.

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Jared Taylor and PK admit they didn’t anticipate something that happens when you let people beat the fare: The subway becomes skid row. Taylor and PK also discuss Nike’s snub to Betsy Ross, Cory Booker’s open-borders plan, California legislation to let illegals play Democrat politics, new data on illegals, Africans marching through Central America, Charlottesville’s new paid holiday, and unexpected lows in journalism.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh at candidate Elizabeth Warren’s libido for reparations—not just for blacks but for same-sex couples and American Indians. The hosts also discuss Donald Trump’s latest hot air on deportations, the Project Veritas Google bombshell, French Facebook’s decision to treat “haters” like terrorists, why you can no longer “own” an NBA team, free speech for trademark holders, and the cruel humiliation of white teachers in North Kansas City.

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Jared Taylor and PK laugh at the beating Joe Biden got for saying that the Senate of 35 years ago was a better place. They also discuss drivers’ licenses for illegals in New York, Medicaid for illegals in California, the reparations circus and its real-world consequences, glimmers of hope on the southern border, and bad news from South Africa.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_6-21-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 11:15pm EST

Henry Wolff and PK discuss the Black Lives Matter rioting in Memphis after U.S. Marshals killed a 20-year-old. They speculate about why BLM has been on the back burner during the Trump presidency. They cover the whopping $44 million in damages a jury awarded to a family-owned bakery which was defamed as "racist." Finally, they cover the front-page New York Times story pushing for more YouTube censorship.

Direct download: Wolff_Kersey_6-13-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 10:05pm EST

The hosts note that knife crime is so bad in Britain that immigrant parents are sending young men back to Africa. They also discuss the latest wave of YouTube censorship, phony charges of “genocide” against Canada, the crisis at the Mexico border, why the word “owner” is racist, the rising lunacy of white liberals, weekend mayhem in Chicago, and proof that it’s not OK to be white in New Zealand.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_6-6-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 8:45pm EST

Jared Taylor and PK shake their heads over the what happened to 19-year-old Marlen—and at what her father said afterwards. They also talk about the latest MLK revelations, a new study of white privilege, the truth about serial killers, how much refugees cost us, why the British Army doesn’t like patriots, and how New York City’s new school superintendent has turned schools into reeducation camps.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_5-30-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

Jared Taylor and PK have a laugh over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s complaint that urban gardening has been “colonized” by the cauliflower when the “people” want to grow yucca instead. The hosts also discuss how $150 billion left the country, the wisdom of Ben Carson, Nazi runes, what Soros hath wrought, why it’s not OK to be white in New Zealand, and why a Dutch minister had to resign.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_5-23-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and PK laugh at the latest jab at “white women.” They also discuss the sad sagas of Lars Sullivan and Natasha Tynes, the state of emergency in Deming, shocking frankness about race the New York Times, the latest “sanctuary” outrage, and good news from Europe.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_5-15-2019.mp3
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The hosts note that fanatics have forced MasterCard to let its shareholders vote on a plan to make sure the company won’t do business with the likes of us. They also discuss the latest phony "racism" panic, Bernie on felon voting, social media censorship and efforts to stop it, good news on asylum and "public charge" deportations, the "Chocolate City" fracas, and black is officially beautiful.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_5-8-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and PK congratulate Congresswoman Ilhan Omar on making her position clear. They also discuss other notable Somalis—ex-cop Mohamed Noor and burkini-sporting Halima Aden—and the sad record Somalis have left in Switzerland. Taylor and PK then talk about Judge Richard Moore’s good decision, Judge Shelley Joseph’s bad decision, Bill Cosby’s latest ravings, and what Carlos Zuniga-Aviles did to a four month old.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_5-1-2019.mp3
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Radio Renaissance hosts note the separatist implications of arguing that non-whites must be represented by non-whites. Shouldn't the same go for whites? The podcast also covers the antics of two black ladies—Ellen Edwards and Whitney Davis—as well as the fun that was had at Fun Land, the $2 billion spent by illegals to get here, how much we spend on them once they are here, why Baltimore wants white people to come back, and the declaration of a state of emergency in Yuma, Arizona.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_4-24-2019.mp3
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In this candid interview with Jared Taylor, black radio host Jessie Lee Peterson answers questions about immigration, black "leaders," race differences in IQ, and the chances of building a successful multi-racial society.

Direct download: Taylor_Peterson_4-23-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 5:20pm EST

Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey comment on the deep symbolism of the near-destruction of Notre Dame. They also discuss the ominous House hearings on “white nationalism,” race baiting by Congressman Al Green, a true story from MIT that Taylor was convinced was a hoax, self-flagellation at Percy Julian Middle School, the freighted meaning of the word “despite,” and the sickening assault on five-year-old Landen Hoffmann.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_4-17-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 10:27pm EST

Paul Kersey goes it alone to discuss Ilhan Omar trivializing the 9/11 terror attacks and discusses conservatives' impotent response to the threat of legal immigration. He also discusses Kyle Korver, the white NBA player who says whites should feel responsible—but not guilty—for the actions of their forefathers.

Direct download: Kersey_4-11-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that momentum is gathering for reparations, and Congress could vote on a commission to study it this year. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the adventures of Jorge Rios, why Tennessee is suing the feds, lunacy in Illinois, the trial of Mohamed Noor, “racially affirming” schools, and Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh’s indefinite leave of absence.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_4-4-2019.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey describe the black justice served up in the Jussie Smollett case and laugh at Facebook's latest muzzling policy. They cover the "breaking point" at the Southern border and close with a listener question about how to respond to the growing censorship of dissidents.


Direct download: Wolff_Kersey_3-28-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss Ousseynou Sy’s thwarted attempt at mass murder. They also comment on the Utrecht attack, Charlottesville school closings, Facebook’s capitulation to lefties, more hand-wringing in New York City, Whiteshift, and Brenton Linegar’s triumph. Taylor and Kersey also answer a listener question about the Yang Gang.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_3-21-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at the mental gymnastics it takes to be both a white man and Democrat, and wonder why Mo’ Dees got the ax. They also discuss Jussie Smollett’s not-guilty plea, the good news from Italy, the arrogance of Kwame Appiah, more ACLU foolishness, the 1.7 million illegals who have been ordered out but are still here, hotel discrimination against conservatives, and the latest “sanctuary” horror.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_3-14-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at how a congressional resolution that was supposed to condemn Ilhan Omar for anti-Semitism became mighty blast against white racism. They also discuss Madhiban With Attitude, Co-Mayor Chirlane McCray, the flight of the Dragonfly, white women who refuse to have children, the continuing crisis at the border, and the agonizingly expensive death of the Renewal program.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_3-7-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor talks with Paul Kersey about his recent trip to Estonia and Lithuania, where everyone is still white. He spoke at identitarian conferences, marched in torchlight parades, and came back inspired. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Amazon’s ominous lurch into digital book burning, the attack on John Wayne, why Chicago must destroy its gang database, Tommy Robinson’s silencing, the absurdity of Van Jones speaking at CPAC, Jewish DNA testing, and new calls for "reparations."

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_3-1-2019.mp3
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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey discuss the media's bad start to the year, including the unsurprising implosion of the Jussie Smollett "hate crime." They encourage Trump to "show" not "tell" why the media are "enemies of the people," and wonder whether Trump knows his administration is coopted. They cover Jared Kushner's push for more legal immigration and answer a listener question about the decline of rock music.

Direct download: Wolff_Kersey_2-21-2019.mp3
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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey cover breaking news about the spending deal and Trump's emergency declaration, the results of which could be de facto amnesty and no border wall. They cover the resolution of the Covington affair and the new uproar over an Esquire cover story about a white teenager. They contrast Trump's lousy State of the Union with Viktor Orban's pro-natalist State of the Nation, and wrap up with a discussion of declining crime rates.

Direct download: Wolff_Kersey_2-14-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at the antics of terrified Virginia Democrats as they try to climb out of a black hole of “racism.” They also discuss the latest developments in what is likely to be the soon-forgotten Jussie Smollet case, vicious racism in the LAPD, and why the Los Angeles “typhus zone” is spreading beyond skid row. They also answer many questions from listeners.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_2-7-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at some of the notable apologies of the week: Tom Brokaw, Prof. Megan Neely of Duke, and Nike. They also discuss the declining white electorate, Stacey Abrams’ rising stardom, the voluntary misery of Portland, Maine, what Fiona Onasanya and Melina Abdulla have in common, why (some) voters love Kamala Harris, and the latest findings from Transparency International.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_1-31-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey tell the story of goofy white lady legislators in Colorado who wanted to introduce a resolution praising MLK, only to be told they were the wrong race. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the horror at the hacienda, the colorful exploits of Wilber Martin-Guzman, rubbing out Columbus while celebrating blacks, the latest thwarted ISIS attack, and the DC City Council Follies. They also pass along incisive comments from listeners.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_1-24-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey report that James Watson’s co-discoverer of the double helix, Francis Crick, was also undeceived about race. The press, despite its contempt for Dr. Watson, does not find this newsworthy. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the latest twist in the Kate Steinle killing, big data’s contribution to understanding genetics and health, the census-citizenship question, eye-opening mendacity at the New York Times, a new version of net nanny, and the rage for voluntary reparations.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_1-17-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey recount some of the antics of members of our “vibrant” new 116th Congress—and the gushing accolades with which they have been met. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Donald Trump’s Oval Office speech and how it was received, the number of sick illegals showing up at the border, Ana Navarro’s contempt for us, the last white governor of California, declining white fertility, and the very different deaths of Jazmine Barnes and Pierce Cordoran.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_1-10-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey report on vicious crimes that resulted directly from California’s sanctuary policy—committed by dangerous Mexican illegals who were released because state law forbade turning them over to ICE. How many will die before California changes its laws? Taylor and Kersey also discuss the sad story of James Watson, the New York State charity that does nothing but throw parties, why it’s so hard to fire a black football coach, “black girl magic,” ethic cleansing at the St. Louis prosecutor’s office, and Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Koran.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_1-3-2019.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss a dating-site poll that found Parisians avoid blacks and Muslims. They also note private efforts to fund “the wall,” Taylor Dumpson’s disturbing lawsuit, Democrat confusion, the belated withdrawal of a “Dear Colleague” letter, the latest caravan, and what happened to the Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco.

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_12-27-2018.mp3
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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey devote the podcast to answering questions from listeners and to Christmas. Why aren’t there more women in the movement? What to make of the rise of China? Why should we admire Yukio Mishima? Why have Britain and America succumbed to multi-culti madness despite the tradition of Anglo-Saxon liberalism? Taylor and Kersey also share memories of Christmas and affirm their appreciation of the colossal role of Christianity in the history and culture of our people. 

Direct download: Taylor_Kersey_12-20-2018.mp3
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Jared Taylor interviews long-time white advocate Sam Dickson, who describes how our rulers have abandoned not only principles but even some of their once-cherished goals in their quest for complete dominance. This is a fascinating analysis of where our country is going.

Direct download: Taylor_Dickson_12-14-2018.mp3
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