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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews editor of and author of Alien Nation, Peter Brimelow. They discuss the unprecedented fracturing of American society, which Brimelow thinks will lead to Weimar-like confrontations. He also talks about the the establishment's panic in the face of open opposition, how the mid-terms are shaping up and what it means, the uselessness of conservatives, what we learned from Charlottesville, and a great deal more.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey regale listeners with ferocious anti-white tweets from 30-year-old Sarah Jeong, top tech writer for the Times. They also discuss a lengthy Vox article about changing American demographics, whether the city of Austin will have to change its name, how much we pay for dialysis for illegals, the Spanish foreign minister’s treachery, and how YouTube meddles in Swedish politics.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Judge Denise Casper’s decision to let a suit go forward claiming that lifting temporary protected status for Salvadoran, Honduran, and Haitian illegals was "racist." They also discuss the heartwarming story of Pablo Villavicencio, ICE’s dramatically stepped up enforcement efforts, the latest major sob story about “racism” from the Washington Post, and the further developments in the non-white takeover of the Democrat Party. They also answer several questions from listeners.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note the ongoing house cleaning in the Democrat party as young non-whites challenge the old white guard. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Keith Ellison’s latest antics, why a black felon in Louisiana thinks he can’t get a fair trial, “Get the f*** out” in Boyle Heights, appalling revelations about British sex grooming, how the World Cup final was spun, and Israel’s official self-designation as “the national home of the Jewish people.”

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the madness that grips the ruling class at the prospect of a Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They also discuss a new word—“performativeness”—which they learned from Antifa; the edifying political campaigns of Seth Grossman and Saira Rao; the candidate for immortality in bronze to replace Stephen Foster in Pittsburgh; the Baltimore candle light vigil that ended ​in gunfire; and promising new frontiers for South African farmers.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey welcome calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which paint Democrats as out-and-out border abolitionists. They note that young white men are already abandoning the party at a great rate and that President Trump’s approval ratings rose during the two-week hysteria over “families separated at the border.” They also discuss new guidelines on “affirmative action,” Matteo Salvini’s inspiring leadership in Italy and the EU, and the racial dynamics of the soccer world cup.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze the “upset” victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over Joseph Crowley in a Democratic congressional primary in New York City. It could hardly be an “upset” in a district that is only 18 percent white. They also discuss the latest multimillion dollar attempt at racial alchemy in schools, the 44 percent of blacks who think a second civil war is coming, how Netflix is being punished for its racial sins, and why Swedes are suddenly rethinking the welfare state.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the hysteria and hatred that the Left has unleashed at President Trump’s attempt to enforce immigration law after adult illegals started using children as human shields to prevent catch-and-release. They also discuss the continuing rise of nationalism in Europe, the campaign against charter schools that are “too white,” how Harvard Medical School is “respecting its past in a different way” by erasing white men, the racial absurdity of World Cup teams, and what school teachers do when students use as a source for research papers.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey look into the background of Seth Grossman, a GOP candidate running to represent Atlantic City in Congress. Truth-telling is catching on. Taylor and Kersey also discuss recent studies about the resurgence of violent crime, European leaders who have learned how to say “no,” the future of the $20 bill, and what we can learn from a white couple with 14 children.

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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey discuss how Bill de Blasio is "pitting minority against minority" with a proposal to scrap entrance exams for elite NYC schools. The mayor wants to admit more blacks and Hispanics, but Asians aren't happy. Next they marvel at the numbers of "diversocrats" at two prominent universities. They then cover the New York Times' underhanded attack on "tradwives" before responding to reader questions about superheroes, alt-tech, and office politics.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey critique a Stockton, California, plan to find the most dangerous criminals in the city and then pay them $1,000 a month not to shoot each other. They also discuss the excommunication of Roseanne Barr,  Starbucks’ bias training to promote “color brave” rather than “color blind,” the main issues in the primaries for the midterm Congressional elections, and some very encouraging developments in Europe.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kerseu explain how the changing demographics of Georgia mean a black Democrat could become governor without even bothering to court the white vote, but conclude that she is probably four years ahead of her time. They also describe a lefty organization’s plan to gather (probably bogus) self-reported hate crime data and a survey of Dartmouth students that shows how bigoted Democrats are. They end with answers to questions from listeners.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey remember the remarkable life and work of Tom Wolfe, who wrote novels to “document contemporary society” and saw through the sham and futility of “diversity.” They also discuss the astonishing contrast between the hostility to “whiteness” on college campuses and the alleged trauma of being a black college student. They examine the latest fashion of criticizing whites who call the police on suspicious blacks, and discuss Heather Mac Donald’s latest master work, Canadian residential schools, and Spike Lee’s latest movie, BlacKKKlansman.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day, especially the black mothers bailed out of jail to be with their children. They also marvel at how anyone can blame white racism for high black STD rates, and discuss Scotland Yard’s “racist” Gang Matrix, new British guidelines for sentencing thought criminals, London’s murder rate that now rivals that of New York, blacks in tech jobs, and heartening developments in Sweden.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey comment on the settlements both by Starbucks and the city of Philadelphia to Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson. They also discuss the AmRen conference, the Central American caravan of "asylum seekers," the no-longer-boy scouts, the use of big data in "predictive policing," and how an ancestry DNA database helped solve a 30-year-old string of murders.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Starbucks' policy of mandatory company-wide sackcloth and ashes after a store manager is accused of “racism,” and note that Cal Poly has also handed out collective punishment for isolated acts of “cultural appropriation.” They discuss the sad story of now-shuttered Charlotte Law School, and Jared Taylor talks about his recent European speaking tour. They conclude with passages from Enoch Powell’s great “Rivers of Blood” speech, which was delivered exactly 50 years ago.

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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey tell the story of a WWII veteran who was murdered in the home he'd lived in for over 70 years. The perp blames poverty and discrimination for his actions. The also discuss Viktor Orban's sweeping victory in the Hungarian elections and why liberals claim it is somehow a threat to "democracy."

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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey discuss a Yahoo News story highlighting the decline of Selma, Alabama, in the wake of the civil rights movement. They also cover a lawsuit which may reveal the extent to which Harvard's admissions policies discriminate against whites and Asians. Finally, they praise President Trump for his promise to send the military to the US-Mexico border.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss a week of good news from the Trump administration: Liberians whose departure has been “deferred” since 1999 will have to go home, immigrants getting “non-cash public benefits” will have a hard time staying, the census will ask about citizenship, and the monstrous racial engineering program called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing has been defunded. And, as icing on the cake, the New York Times admitted that the behavior of “populations” is likely to differ for genetic reasons.

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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey cover the Australian home affairs minister's comments on the "horrific circumstances" South African farmers face, and how they need help from a "civilized country." They also discuss how shifting party affiliations are demographically dooming the GOP, and how affirmative action and black crime rates explain trends that dupe the New York Times

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note two milestones: the appointment of the first illegal immigrant to a California state-wide position and Britain’s refusal to admit the attractive, thoughtful trio of Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern, and Martin Sellner. They also discuss the possibility of fast-track visas for white South African farmers heading for Australia, the saga of the brilliant and courageous Amy Wax, the latest study on genes and IQ, and what went wrong with the black-themed version of A Wrinkle in Time.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey describe the looming battle between the federal government and the state of California over “sanctuary.” They also discuss prospects for gun rights in an increasingly non-white USA, new findings in the Air Force Academy race hoax, the Italian elections, contrasting British hate speech convictions, and the New York Times’ recognition that Donald Trump was right: Sweden has an immigration problem.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews South African author and activist Dan Roodt about the implications of the recent parliamentary motion to confiscate white-owned farms. How have whites coped with the already oppressive system of “black economic empowerment” (BEE), and what future do whites have under increasingly militant black rule?

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the origins of the PROMISE program that shielded the Florida shooter from arrest. The program, strongly promoted by the Obama administration, was to stop the “school to prison pipeline” simply by failing to arrest young criminals—because blacks and Hispanics were being collared at “unreasonable” rates. Taylor and Kersey also discuss buildings in Baltimore that “breed crime,” the Oakland mayor who acted like a “gang look-out” to protect illegals, the Kerner Commission redux, and how advances in trauma medicine are artificially reducing big-city homicide rates.

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Standing in for Jared Taylor, Henry Wolff is joined by Paul Kersey and special guest Peter Brimelow to discuss American Renaissance's recently filed Twitter lawsuit, Black Panther, and a real-world black-run nation: South Africa. They mock the obsequious Illinois governor and talk about the future of the Generic American Party. They close with analysis of the gun-grabbing Left and the milquetoast lineup at CPAC.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at how differently the mainstream media played two recent DNA-analysis stories: 10,000-year-old Cheddar Man reportedly had black skin, and the ancient Egyptians were more closely related to Europeans than to black Africans. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the new presidential portrait, alleged bias against non-whites in mortgage lending, the FBI’s surprisingly clear warning about the Chinese threat, and pending Delaware regulations that would let public school students choose both their sex and their race.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at Nancy Pelosi’s recent Senate speech, in which she gloried in her grandson’s repudiation of his whiteness, and praised the parents of “dreamers” for bringing illegal children into the country. They also warn of the coming frenzy over Black Panther, scoff at the US Olympic Committee’s obsession with “diversity,” congratulate Denmark on recent proposals to cap “non-Western” refugees, and discuss new revelations about the dubious “racism” charges that upended the University of Missouri in 2015.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address and—more significantly—the revealing ways in which the Democrats and the Black Congressional Caucus reacted to it. They also report on bits of sanity that are beginning to infiltrate mainstream reporting on urban decay and black crime, and speculate that the easy availability of alternative voices—such as theirs—mean that big media can no longer pretend that genes don’t matter. Taylor and Kersey also discuss Michael Moore’s latest outbursts, the comedic lawsuit Gloria Allred brought against Walmart, and Los Angeles’s sad collapse into diversity.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey talk about the effect the newly-released photo of Barack Obama with Louis Farrakhan could have had on his run for the presidency, and recall some of Jeremiah Wright's choice words. They also talk about the replacement in Baltimore of Lee and Jackson with Harriet Tubman, the new concept of blackness as a "disability," the latest pathetic manifestation of "Stockholm Syndrome," multi-culti additions to the PISA test, and Trump's long-overdue campaign to deport high-profile illegals.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain the implications of California’s new self-designation as a “sanctuary state.” Will Jeff Sessions have the spine to arrest local officials who violate federal law? Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kersey also talk about a black St. Louis official who has been spanked for truth-telling, a new estimate from Yale that there could be as many as 23 million illegals, the implications of “Blaxit,” and signs of race-realism sneaking into the upcoming general elections in Italy.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain how the Obama administration used “temporary protected status” to grant de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants from “s**thole” countries. Donald Trump is withdrawing that status and sending home Haitians and Salvadorans. Trump is also enforcing other regulations to speed up deportation. Taylor and Kersey also praise Victor Orban’s strong statements on migrants, and laugh at Mayor De Blasio's attempts to sanitize “offensive” public monuments in New York City.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the racial implications of the new Disney/Marvel movie The Black Panther. They also describe the astonishing lengths to which white men are being kept out of design and construction of the Obama presidential library, the Israeli policy to expel African "infiltrators," and the disturbing implications of Germany's new anti-free-speech laws.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain why they expect continuing progress in our movement. Our contest is not a sprint but a marathon, and patient efforts will be rewarded. They also discuss the significance of the return of a white farmer to Zimbabwe, latest developments in the Justine Damond killing, and the shameful of Islamization of Christmas in Europe.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey agree that Twitter's new policies prove that the establishment must silence the most convincing forms of dissent. They also discuss an AP analysis of crime that actually hints at what the problem is, the black woman who is to be president of the Heritage Foundation, new frontiers of nuttiness in "whiteness studies," and the European Commissioner for Migration's call for white suicide.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss two recent elections: the senate race in Alabama and the mayoral race in Atlanta. The stark racial divide in Alabama was widely noted; in Atlanta it was ignored. They also summarize the remarkable findings of AmRen's study on hate-crime hoaxes and a surprisingly subversive op-ed in "The Hill" that proposes "elective separation" of the races.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss Asian resistance to the Plexiglass ban, how the campaign to impeach Trump puts tribe over principle, John Conyer’s “retirement,” the California lawsuit to cure illiteracy, and the scandal over leaked Swedish crime data.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the hysteria in Britain over Donald Trump’s retweet of three short videos critical of Islam. They also analyze the verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial, the media assumption that we (racial dissidents) are monsters, the latest anti-white hate tirades, the NFL’s $89 million bribe to black players, and fresh demographic projections for Europe. 

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey describe the media reaction to the FBI's warning about black extremists who believe killing white cops is a form of liberation. They also dissect the latest attacks on Thanksgiving, Google and Twitter's attempts to censor the internet, and draw lessons from the 37-year reign of Sir Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
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UCLA basketball players commit theft in China; Presidents Trump and Jinping intervene. NYT op-ed says black-white friendships are impossible in the age of Trump. Anti-white hate crimes are up.

Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey discuss these topics and more.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey marvel at the obtuseness of people who can’t imagine why non-whites commit hoaxes, and at the reaction to the discovery that the notorious incident at the Air Force Academy prep school was a hoax. Mr. Taylor cites the almost identical case of Sabrina Collins 27 years ago. Also discussed: the bronze statue of Marion Barry to go up in front of DC city hall, an amateur statistician who discovered that 95.6 percent of rapists in Sweden are foreigners, and “It’s Ok to be white” comes to Harvard Law School.

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Jared Taylor talks about the overseas lecture tour that kept him off Radio Renaissance for several weeks. He and Paul Kersey then discuss the AmRen series of articles on whether Europe can survive the coming tsunami of African immigration. They also talk about the brilliant "It's OK to be white" campaign that has sown terror throughout the Western world, and the absurd kink in our immigration system that brought us Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

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Hate hoaxes in Michigan, Jeff Flake flaking, and whites waking up to anti-white discrimination. Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey discuss these happenings and more in the latest Radio Renaissance. They conclude with a discussion of the European roots of Halloween, and ask whether your neighborhood can pass the "trick-or-treat test."

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Is Richard Spencer a "terrorist leader"? The Gainesville mayor thinks so. In this episode, Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey cover the hysteria surrounding the Richard Spencer's speech at the University of Florida, and how the backlash to it is part of the broader effort to stifle dissidence. They also discuss Swiss investor Marc Faber's heretical—but obvious—remarks against racial orthodoxy.

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Henry Wolff and Paul Kersey contrast President Trump's guilt-free Columbus Day proclamation with the ongoing war on white heritage. Are whites ever allowed a positive identity? They discuss the charges brought against media darling Deandre Harris, and the racial meaning of the national anthem debate.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the outpouring of hostility against white men after the Las Vegas shooting, with some critics claiming that gun violence is a "white man problem." Could the shooter himself have been motivated by hysteria against white men? Mr. Kersey and Mr. Taylor also talk about the ACLU lecture on free speech at William & Mary that was shut down by BLM, the latest Pew Research data on racial attitudes, and Michele Obama's complaints about white men.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey talk about the NFL "taking a knee" scandal, the furor over Russian political ads that dared to mention race and immigration, the Antioch church shooting, the fiscal burden of illegal immigrants, and the AfD's breakthrough in the German elections.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the fallout from an article in Third World Quarterly called "The Case for Colonialism," the denial of asylum in Canada to a white South African couple, and what to watch for in this Sunday's German federal elections. Will the German people punish Angela Merkel for her treachery? And, finally, why does NFL viewership continue to slump—could it be rising racial consciousness among whites?

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss President Trump's apparent betrayal on DACA, the right-of-center flap over a rap video that depicts the lynching of a white child, Portland's decision to scrap it's "gang related individuals" category because so few of them white, and Congress's continued assault on the reputation of the President.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss President Trump's repeal of President Obama's executive amnesty. Is this a repeal from the heart or a clever way to throw a bone to his supporters but still let the "DREAMers" stay in the country? Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kersey also talk about the motives of "anti-racist" whites, Amazon's new "Brown Sugar" program, and the latest blow against the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

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Antifa are violent anarchists? Who knew? Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the media's sudden enlightenment. They also cover corporate censorship, the Presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio, the "racist" nature of "bourgeois values."

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In the wake of Charlottesville, all pretense of liberalism is fading as the Left works to censor the speech of those with whom they disagree. Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the wave of "deplatforming," the Boston free speech rally, the Trump rally in Arizona. They cover the anti-white hysteria that resulted from an ACLU tweet, and also from white girls wandering onto Howard University's campus in MAGA hats. Finally, they introduce Jared Taylor's new compendium If We Do Nothing.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the fallout from Charlottesville: defacement and removal of monuments, “deplatforming” of dissident websites, the Trump controversy, justifications for anti-“racist” violence—all in the context of the increasingly hysterical attempt to shut off all white advocacy. Our opponents are desperately trying to silence ideas they cannot refute.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey team up again to discuss an astonishing week in which Google fired an employee who complained that the company was an ideological echo chamber, Charlottesville had to be forced by a judge to let whites hold a rally, and the assault on Southern heritage grew even more intense.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like team up again to discuss the past week: the latest AmRen conference, media insanity over prospects for real immigration reform, the NAACP's hilarious "travel advisory" on the state of Missouri, and much more.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance speaks with Michael Walker, a veteran European nationalist and former editor of The Scorpion. They discuss whether Brexit, Trump's election, and Marine Le Pen's first-round electoral victory are signs whites everywhere are waking up, and why whites are the one group which needs waking up in the first place..

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews a one-eighth Alaska Native about problems such as alcoholism, welfare dependency, native politics, and relations with whites. The interview concludes with a description of how immigration and refugee resettlement are changing the face of Alaska. 

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Jared Taylor interviews a 31-year-old Mexican race realist and medical doctor, who explains Mexican attitudes towards blacks, Americans, Asians, and native Indians. He also describes Mexican thinking about America and Americans, the border, Central American immigration, drug cartels, and corruption. This is a candid conversation with a man who loves his own country but has no illusions about it.

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Jared Taylor of America Renaissance interviews Nathan Damigo, the founder of Identity Europa. Mr. Damigo describes the experiences and that led him to become an activist for our people, and explains the purpose and tactics of one of America's most effective racial consciousness organizations.

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Jared Taylor of America Renaissance and Guillaume Durocher discuss the results of the first round of the French elections. Emmanuel Macron, top vote-getter and probable winner in the second round, claims to be a fresh alternative to discredited politics, but would deliver discredited policies: mass immigration, globalism, more power for the EU. The French will have a remarkably clear choice between Miss Le Pen and Mr. Macron. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Durocher explain why the French are likely to make the wrong choice.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews Simon Roche of South African. Until this year, Mr. Roche worked closely with the ANC, and vividly describes the corruption that pervades South African society. He now works for Suidlanders, a group formed to protect non-combatant whites in the event that South Africa falls into anarchy. Suidlanders see the writing n the wall and are taking no chances.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and European activist Guillaume Durocher discuss the candidates for this spring's French presidential elections. Marine Le Pen is likely to make a strong showing in the first round, but center-leftist Emmanuel Macron appears poised to win in the second round. The contest will highlight two opposing visions of what it means to be French.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like discuss the Left's primitive reaction to the rise of Donald Trump. What does violence say about them -- and about the future of American politics? Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kersey also analyze the Appeals Court decision to uphold stay on enforcing Mr. Trump's travel ban.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews a young black man about race differences in IQ, "acting white," and what it means to be called an "Uncle Tom." 

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like rate Donald Trump on his initial series of executive orders and give him an A+. They also discuss the rioting that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a talk at UC Berkeley and speculate on what this means for the prospects for peaceful change. 

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like analyze Barrack Obama's farewell address in light of the fawning hysteria with which the media first greeted our "first black president." Boot licking for the outgoing president could not be in greater contrast to the open hatred for his successor. 

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like discuss how the authorities reacted to the Chicago torture incident. At first, the Chicago police refused even to discuss race and said the incident might be only "stupid ranting and raving." Finally, under pressure, they brought hate-crime charges. Mr. Taylor notes that Barrack Obama thinks the "trajectory" of race relations in the United States is "actually very positive."

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like describe the astonishing changes that Muslim immigrants have wrought on Europe. From Scandinavia to Italy, Christians are celebrating their holiest day in the shadow of the sword.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like talk about the alleged post-election, Trump-related wave of hate crimes. Many of the most widely reported attacks are turning out to be hoaxes. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kersey also discuss the craven reaction of Europeans to crimes committed by Muslim immigrants and explain the findings of a new report on the estimated 900 “no-go zones” Muslims have established throughout Europe.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like explain their enthusiasm for Keith Ellison as head of the Democratic National Committee. They also discuss the SPLC's latest dishonest reporting on "hate crimes," and the implications of the gruesome rape/murder of the German 19-year-old, Maria Ladenburger.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the Muslim terror attack at Ohio State University and how it fits into current immigration policies and liberal myths.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like talk about the appointment of Steven Bannon as White House Senior Policy Adviser, Twitter's ban of Alt-Right accounts, how to bring "sanctuary cities" to heel, and Obama's last-minute attempt to slip Australia's reject "refugees" into the United States before Trump is sworn in.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like discuss the consequences of the momentous Trump upset victory. They note that this is only a first step--Donald Trump is an American nationalist, not a racial nationalist--but that he has opened the door to possibilities no one could have imagined without him.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like discuss Donald Trump's latest attempts to win black votes. Does he believe in his policies or is he just striking a pose? Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kersey also look into the latest DOJ skullduggery in the Eric Garner case, violence against Trump supporters, and fears of violence at polling station on election day.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss Trump's missed punches in the final debate, as well as Hillary's manufactured politicking. They talk about the Project Veritas exposes and Wikileaks dumps. Finally, they cover what Kersey calls "peak Trump hysteria" in Tavis Smiley's TIME Magazine article suggesting Trump may lead to the re-enslavement of blacks.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the Trump Tapes, campaigning for Trump, Wikileaks revelations, and the claim that half of Europeans hold "extremist" views.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the new "Birth of a Nation" movie about the Nat Turner slave revolt, whether or not an Asian rock band has the right to call itself "The Slants," and Hungary's referendum on keeping out migrants.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey on the presidential debate, the Charlotte riots, and what really motivates black violence.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss new findings on the genetics of psychopaths, polling results of the racial attitudes of Trump and Clinton supporters, the decline in social cohesion, and the latest crime statistics from Chicago.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of discuss the Alt-Right press conference at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., as well as Hillary's "basket of deplorables" gaffe and the ongoing Kaepernick protests.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like applaud the powerful speech Donald Trump just gave on immigration.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like about the unprecedented media campaign of hatred against Donald Trump. Mr. Kersey points out that even some in the press are embarrassed by it, with the New York Post publishing an article called: “American Journalism is Collapsing Before Our Eyes.” Mr. Kersey and Mr. Taylor welcome this naked partisanship as yet another step towards the mainstream media’s self-destruction, but warn that sustained anti-Trump venom could be enough to tip the election against Mr. Trump.

They go on to dissect some of the charges against the candidate: that he is “fascist,” “racist,” “bigoted,” and a “threat to democracy.” Mr. Taylor marvels at the arrogance of journalists who seem to believe that when large numbers of Americans vote for a candidate journalists don’t like it is a “threat to democracy.”

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews British barrister Adrian Davies about the consequences of Brexit. Now that the dust has begun to settle, does is Britain likely to use its new powers to control immigration and put a stop to multiculturalism? Mr. Davies points out that virtually every political party is in a leadership crisis, which could lead to significant change.

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Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, talks with Paul Kersey, the impresario behind Stuff Black People Don't Like (, about Presiden't Obama's executive orders on guns and why they don't consider the racial roots of America's gun problem.

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Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, discusses Donald Trump's immigration plan with Peter Brimelow, editor of

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Jared Taylor and Paul "RamZPaul" Ramsey discuss how white Millennials see race.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews Afrikaner activist Dan Roodt about life in ANC-run South Africa. Mr. Roodt describes the impact of millions of black immigrants from neighboring countries, and what this means for the future of his country.

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Jared Taylor of and Paul Kersey of discuss the origins and implications of the 2015 Baltimore riots. Baltimore is now a black-run city, and any problems with policing or governance are the fault of the city's majority-black population, but blacks still blame whites.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey discuss the Justice Department's report on the Ferguson Police Department, and what it all means for whites.

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Jared Taylor and Nicholas Wade dicuss eugenics, the future of genetic research, and academic closemindedness. They cover critical reception to Mr. Wade's recent book, as well as his next book.

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Jared Taylor interviews Matt Tait of Western Spring, who gives an incisive analysis of a scandal that has shocked Britain.

During the interview, Mr. Tait mentions an organization called Common Purpose. This Daily Mail article is a good introduction to the organization.

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Ferguson: A Police Officer’s Perspective

Jared Taylor and John Sullivan discuss the Michael Brown shooting, racial profiling, and legitimate use of force.

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