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Jared Taylor and PK note that the reintroduced Zim dollar is doing much better than the 80 billion percent annual inflation rate of November 2008. They also discuss why blacks think Pete Buttigieg is a "lying MF," the problem of fake peer reviewing, Chicago politics, who's worried about anti-Trump violence, good news from Hungary, and a whole host of fun facts about Islam.

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On November 25, National Public Radio broadcast a few words from a November 22 interview with Jared Taylor about leaked email showing that White House advisor Stephen Miller had been reading dissident websites such as American Renaissance. This is the complete conversation.

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Jared Taylor and PK note the price Asians are paying for promoting meritocracy rather than race preferences. Taylor and PK also discuss hate hoaxes on and off the football field, how to honor Sacajawea, Starbucks’ bum problem, Elizabeth Warren’s war on “hate,” Catherine Pugh’s sticky end, Kamala Harris’ “donkey in the room,” startling good sense from Sweden, and how London fights the “bagging” problem.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the news that 800 children are known to have been recycled across the border – one as many as eight times. They also discuss the 2019 “Glamour” magazine awards, how Harvard exploits blacks, NYT gloating over the great replacement, the latest Finnish hate hoax, San Francisco’s fully pedigreed new DA, racism on the rise in Italy, and how the poppy brought down Don Cherry. 

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey get a good laugh over what really happened at Western CT State U. They also discuss how Kansas City lost its MLK Street, Congolese in Missoula, Bob’s Burgers & Teriyaki, the prophet Mohammed’s “British values,” mother-daughter felons in Prince George’s County, and the newly declared health emergency in Madison, Wisconsin.

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