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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss a new social-media outreach plan to get blacks to stop killing each other. They also talk about reactions to the Chauvin verdict, the latest police-racism fraud, the adventures of Victoria Unanka, what banned word aceiiinnnps unscrambles to, and powerful talk from 20 retired French generals.

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This is a recording of a March 22, 2021 conversation between Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Whitney Dow of The Whiteness Project.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh at rules for white people who want to pay respects where Floyd died: They must “decenter” themselves and “contribute energy.” The hosts also discuss Ma’khia Bryant, Lori Lightfoot, Niviane Phelps, why the Obamas were brownlisted, and what happens when a “trained Marxist” goes on a spending spree.

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Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss the late Sam T. Francis, philosopher-king of the dissident right.

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Jared Taylor and his co-host quote from a “collection of moving, tender prayers.” They also discuss the latest riots, anti-white medicine, Baltimore’s bad choices, Tom Cotton’s wisdom, and how Michael Sangbong Rhee tried to take revenge on white people.

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Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss the work of the late James Burnham. Though largely forgotten by the conservative movement he helped create, Burnham's analyses of power, class, and liberalism are invaluable. 

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Jared Taylor explains how an evergreen tree can be a racist symbol. He also discusses the adventures of Sharae Becton and Fantahun Woldesenbet, surging gun sales and “gotaways,” more than usual WaPo idiocy, why blacks shouldn’t watch the Chauvin trial, and the Brits, Russians, and French who know American insanity when they see it.

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Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts fill in for Renaissance Radio's usual hosts. They explain why the mainstream media covers some — but not all — crime, the surge on our Southern border, and why is becoming controversial.

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