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Jared Taylor and his co-host analyze the insurgent congressional campaign of Laura Loomer who says, “there is a war on white America, white Christian conservatives, in particular.” The hosts also discuss presentism, diplomatic immunity, the Kitson solution, Giorgia Meloni, and “Let’s Talk About Black Sex, Baby.”

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Jared Taylor and his co-host talk about yet more murdered rappers, but can’t find the profession among the 25 most dangerous. The hosts also discuss monkeypox, tales from Charm City and The Big Apple, the Massachusetts state seal, skin lightening creams, and the RAF’s crash landing.

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Jared Taylor talks to the editor of Counter-Currents about the roots of American decline and why our time is one of such promising ferment.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at Mayor Eric Adams chagrin when fresh-caught illegals hop off a free bus ride from Texas to The Big Apple. The hosts also discuss Nicole Linton, Frank Abrokwa, Cale Gundy, Rachael Rollins, and why the brand-new 6th Street Viaduct had to close.

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A new poll finds that 28 percent of voters think they may soon have to take up arms against the feds. Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss the implications and also take up “Wild 'N Out,” George Soros, Guy Reffitt, Victor Orban, Child Free by Choice, and Packing for Perth.

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