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Jared Taylor and PK note that Goldman Sachs will not take a company public if it has only white men on its board. California already requires women on boards, and a “diversity” bill has cleared the House in Washington. Taylor and PK also discuss the crime boom in New York City, denaming Boalt Hall, whether racism is worse than the coronavirus, how to get blacks to vote Trump, and the continuing adventures of Richard Carranza.

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Jared Taylor and PK look into the theories of Donald Moss, PhD, who will give a talk, “On Having Whiteness,” on Feb. 7 in New York City. Taylor and PK also discuss Joel Davis’s sad end, murder in Mexico, insanity in Iowa, Bloomberg baloney, Ugandan Indians, feckless Puerto Ricans, Broadway madness, and the editorial writer who thinks white people at gun rallies are domestic terrorists.

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Jared Taylor and PK marvel at New York City “justice”  police released a four-time bank robber who robbed another bank the very next day. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the horrible fate of Maria Fuertes, sanity from a famous author, the latest on AOC and Letitia James, fun times at the New Life Impact Church, U visas, and CNN’s non-definition of racism.

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Jared Taylor and PK introduce Michael Coard who says, “White men, generally, historically and presently speaking, have been toxic.” Taylor and PK also discuss anchor babies, refugees, crime in Atlanta and New York, why the NFL is “embarrassing,” foolishness from Mayors De Blasio and Bloomberg, sex grooming in Britain, wisdom in Oklahoma, and the astonishing number of people gone missing in Mexico.

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Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and PK lament a misunderstanding among Hmong that left four dead and 12 wounded in Fresno. They also discuss why “Happy new year” is as bad as “merry Christmas,” how Ezra Klein stupidly celebrated the new year, a sensible black man’s view of white privilege, and teachers too white, romance too white, marijuana too white, and Badgers too white.

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