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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey are delighted so many governors are willing to defend the border. The hosts also discuss blackface Dorothy, panic in Germany, Bojo, and who the oppressors are.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey report on latest projections for when “multicultural” Americans will become the majority. They also discuss Fani Willis, Daniel Penny, Bonze Age Pervert, and DEI running wild in aviation.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey think it’s because the military has gone “woke.” The hosts also discuss white privilege, race differences in household wealth, Mexican impudence, and Afrochemistry.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey comment on a black icon’s fall from grace. They also discuss Uché Blackstock, Michelle Wu, Ebony Boulware, Andrea Campbell, Ashlei Hinds, and Pamela Smith.

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