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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey cheer the increasing willingness of Americans to deport illegals. The hosts also discuss ski masks, the AfD, Katherine Maher, and Narenda Modi.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey mourn the travails of Marty and La'Quetta Small, mayor and school superintendent of Atlantic City. They also discuss U visas, baseball, and VP-pick Milena Abdullah.

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Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey note that DEI is so widespread and powerful it could be called America’s state religion. They also discuss NPR, Boeing, Tiffany Henyard, and plagiarism at the Fed.

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Jared Taylor marvels at the humiliation and foolishness of medical training. He also discusses Scotland’s new hate-crimes law, Ramadan in Europe, Mahogany Jackson’s ordeal, and how a magical negress lost her MoJo.

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